3 Foods You MUST Try When in Germany

Before we moved to Germany, everyone was raving about the simplicity of travel and the beer. But no one had mentioned the food. I assumed they would have most things we were used to like steaks, burgers, pizza, etc. with a few cultural varieties mixed in. When we first arrived, I made it a point to try out some of the Bavarian classics so I could get a taste of the culture. So, without further ado, here are the top 3 foods you must try when you’re in Germany.

1. Schnitzel

Tylorean style schnitzel with french fries and vegetables.

I’m gonna be honest here, I had no idea what a schnitzel was until I came to Germany. My only knowledge came from Wienerschnitzel and they sell hot dogs! And this was definitely no hot dog. Schnitzels are generally thin slices of meat – anywhere from veal to chicken to pork – that are fried in bread crumbs. All the schnitzels I’ve ordered have been pork, so they reminded me a lot of pork chops – just thinner. They come in so many different varieties, too! You can get a plain breaded schnitzel, or one with toppings like the one pictured above. That one was covered in mushrooms, cooked ham, and what reminded me a lot of French’s fried onions. I’ve even had a schnitzel topped with a fried egg! I think that one was my favorite of all time.

2. Currywurst

Traditional Bavarian currywurst with french fries and cole slaw.

I have to say that although I am not a fan of hot dogs, I love currywurst! Weird, right? Maybe it’s just because I’m in a different country or maybe the toppings is what does it for me. Either way, this is a frequent order of mine when we go out to eat. Currywurst is a fried bratwurst – which is essentially just a pork sausage – that is then smothered in curry ketchup and sprinkled with curry powder. They usually serve currywurst with fries, so it makes a perfect easy meal if we’re in a rush.

3. Spaghettieis

Spaghettieis with strawberry sauce and spaghettieis with bananas and chocolate sauce.

This is something that you just cannot pass up while you’re in Germany. Seriously, this is what Tyler and I get for dessert every time we go out. Spaghettieis is literally spaghetti ice cream! Before you start thinking how gross that sounds, it’s not actually spaghetti – it’s ice cream that looks like spaghetti! Remember as a kid when we used to play with play dough? There was that one accessory that allowed you to push the play dough through little holes so that it looked like noodles. That’s essentially what this is! They run the ice cream through a machine that makes it look like noodles, then they place it over whipped cream, add strawberry sauce on top to look like spaghetti sauce, and add coconut flakes or white chocolate shavings to look like parmesan cheese. How cool, right?! And you can get all different combinations of sauce and toppings, too. Tyler and I always get the chocolate banana spaghettieis.

If you’ve been to Germany, what was your favorite dish? And if you find yourself in Germany, for whatever reason, make sure you at least try each of these once. And don’t forget to try the beer!

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Germany has amazing cuisines and an opportunity to try them shouldn't be passed up! Here I tell you the three foods you shouldn't miss while in Deutschland!