About Us

Location: California natives, currently in Germany

Pet BABY: Autumn, rescued from Puppy Rescue Spain. We’re 99% sure she’s a Podenco Pointer mix.

​Anniversary: June 2, 2014

How We Met: January of 2012 I was part of a website titled MyYearbook – I only made an account because my friend kept telling me to. I had recently moved to my mom’s to take a semester off from school and get my priorities straight – mostly my school priorities lol. Anyway, I listed my location as my mom’s town and one of the “suggested” people to add was Tyler. I added him and sent him a quick message asking what he was up to. You know, just striking up a conversation. This fool reads my message and doesn’t reply back! So, I assume that was the extent of our interaction. Well, three weeks later I hear a ding on my phone. I have a message from Tyler finally responding to my original message. We begin chatting, exchange numbers, have our first date, and two weeks later he’s off to boot camp for the army.

A few months into our relationship I asked why it took him so long to reply to me. His answer? “I thought you were too pretty to be a real person.” Aw, shucks.

Why We Started a Blog: After arriving in Germany in July of 2015, we wanted a way to connect better with our families back in the states and to share all of our adventures with them. Thus, Hanging Out with the Hambricks was born! It started out as just a journaling of our trips but overtime we decided we wanted to make a bigger impact with this blog and share our personal experiences to a larger audience. Each post is personal and details our adventures, but we also include top sights, tips to help plan, quick restaurant reviews, and much more so that our readers can use our experiences to shape their next trip into the best one yet!