Beer Bath: Getting Hoppy

On our Valentine’s weekend to Prague, we made an overnight stop in the city of Chodovar. It’s a pretty small town, but it’s known for it’s underground restaurant and it’s beer spa. Yes, you read correctly: beer spa. And that was the main reason we hit this tiny town on our way to the big city. Also, not only was this the first time we’ve ever bathed in beer – so we were already nervous – but we were also running late to our appointment.

We took this trip with a few friends, and our beer bath appointment was with the couple we went with. They set up the appointment and everything, since we made the decision to go with them literally the weekend before. Now, when we first researched this beer spa before the trip, we saw gallery images – which are used for this post – and most of the models were wearing bathing suits. So, we thought no biggie, we can wear ours, too. Well, when we arrived almost thirty minutes late to our appointment, we were whisked away down some stairs without grabbing our swim attire from our suitcases.

These tiny, old Czech women pushed us down a corridor and pointed at the doors while speaking in a language we didn’t understand. Since moving to Germany, we’ve picked up a little German here or there, but Czech is a whole other ballpark. We looked at the doors and saw a man on one and a woman on the other, so we were able to deduce that these were the changing rooms. You would think each couple would just undress together since, you know, we’re married, but we had to separate by gender and leave our clothes in a locker. Myself and the other wife were completely mature, faced opposite directions, and undressed while covering ourselves with a towel. The guys on the other hand kept shouting at one another, being loud and obnoxious, and at one point I heard Tyler say, “Hey man! Go over there! Don’t look!”

The spa room filled with steel tubs.

I finished changing first, so I walked out of the room and had a little lady show me to my tub which was already full of beer. She pantomimed removing the towel, setting it on the chair, and getting into the tub. So, once she stepped out and pulled my curtain closed I took of the towel and stepped into the tub. The beer was warm and toasty, but not too hot. And when I looked to my left, there was a tall stein of beer waiting for me on a little table. Yeah, you get to drink beer while you bathe in beer. But I don’t suggest drinking the beer from your bath – our friend tried the tap and he said it was the most disgusting thing he’s ever had.

Two girls enjoying their beer bath with a mug of beer.

A couple minutes after I got into my tub, Tyler walks in on the other side of the curtain – with his towel barely covering anything mind you – and gets into his tub after the curtain was pulled shut. We had separate tubs, but you can pay a little extra for a double tub – which I want to do the next time we take a bath in beer. Our friends were guided to their tubs on the other side of our curtain and then it was time to relax.

After about thirty minutes of soaking in the tub, and a lot of awkward conversations between curtains with our friends, the little Czech lady came back and pressed a button next to the tub. And my beer started to drain! As I laid there, beer slowly draining from my tub, I looked at Tyler unsure of what to do. I was exposed and tried covering myself with my hands when the Czech lady came back and held my towel out for me. I stepped out of the tub, but she then yelled at me in Czech and pointed back at the tub. I stepped back in and she mimed shaking her leg. I looked down and saw all the foam from the beer stuck on my leg, shook it off, and then was able to get out without being yelled at.

One of the workers filling the tub with beer.

I was led down the hall to another room with soft lighting, salt rock lamps, and large lounge chairs covered in blankets. I laid down on the blankets and was immediately wrapped up in them. I looked to my left and, again, there was another beer waiting for me.

When Tyler arrived shortly after, he told me he was “violated.” I sat up and asked what he meant. This is when you’ll understand my husband tends to over-exaggerate. When his tub was drained and he was asked to get out, he also got yelled at so he got back in the tub. This repeated several times – him stepping out, getting yelled at, getting back in – until the lady bent down and pointed straight at the foam on his legs. In which case he felt violated as she was so close to touching him while he was naked.

Our friends joined us shortly after that and we laid under the blankets for another thirty minutes before our beer bath experience was over. We quickly changed back into our clothes and headed to our rooms to get ready for dinner.

This was definitely an experience for the books. Tyler was not a huge fan – mostly because he had to get naked and we were with someone he worked with – but I loved it! It was so fun, I got to get a buzz, and my skin felt ridiculously softer after the bath. Like, mega smooth. I plan on going to another beer spa before we say goodbye to Europe, but this time I want it to be a romantic experience.

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Do you drink beer? Well, we bathe in it! This blog post tells our interesting story of our very first beer bath!